Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Alliance

This organization is a non-profit group that was founded by Gregory A. Helle. The organization is run completely by volunteers and in 2004, a board of directors was formed to accommodate the organization’s growing size. Gregory Helle initially wrote a book concerning post traumatic stress disorder and how it had affected his life. After the book was published, emails and calls from other victims prompted him to form the organization. Although the organization does provide religious guidance to those afflicted with post traumatic stress disorder, in no way is a specific religious belief required to participate or to volunteer. The same applies to political issues. The Alliance does not have preference to any political party and welcomes all comers. Donations of $12 or more are what is generally expected and can be sent to PTSD Alliance, P.O. Box 1181 Ankeny, Iowa 50021. The PTSD Alliance can be reached via phone at 515-965-7822 or by fax at the same number.

National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In 1989, the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress disorder was formed as a department of Veterans Affairs. A Congressional mandate ordered the creation of this organization in order to deal with the issues associated with veterans and post traumatic stress disorder as well as help rape victims and others who have experienced traumatic events. Headquartered in White River Junction, Vermont, the organization’s activities and functions are dispersed across seven Veterans Affairs centers located in the United States. Each of these seven divisions has a unique purpose that helps the organization reach its goals.

National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Divisions

The executive division is located in White River Junction, Vermont and oversees the entire operation of the organization and is the home of the greatest body of literature and research regarding post traumatic stress disorder in the United States. The behavioral science division is located in Boston, Massachusetts as is the women’s health sciences division. The clinical neurosciences division is located in West Haven, Connecticut, along with the evaluation division. Palo Alto, California plays home to the education and clinical laboratory. Home base for the Pacific Islands division is Honolulu, Hawaii.