Prescription Drugs – 4th leading cause of death in the US

The fourth leading cause of death in the United States is from prescription drugs, properly prescribed, properly taken.

This is why they say we need “hard” research?

How can this happen?

Could it have anything to do with money?

How can the drug company MERCK afford to pay out

$ 4.85 Billion

to people who suffered or died taking Vioxx?

This is not to say there aren’t good and necessary drugs out there. Some drugs currently used are paroxetine and servatraline. Certainly there are times when drug are necessary and appropriate; but all too often they are only a band aid.

You are looking for an effective, permanent cure for post-traumatic stress disorder with no side effects. Drugs tend to mask the symptoms rather than cure them and often have serious side effects—some you may never hear about until too late.

There are a few inpatient treatment centers throughout the United States that treat not only ptsd but addiction and chemical abuse that accompany ptsd. They are having mixed results and they are very costly.

Not only does talk therapy not help, it causes additional distress by making you relive the trauma over and over. Two elements of talk therapy that do seem to help are Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Somatic Reactivating.

These techniques help people change their way of thinking about their symptoms and their reaction to them. This can be very helpful long-term. It would be even easier and more effective if you could rid yourself of your ptsd symptoms first.